Customizable features for your protection.

Rest assured knowing your business is safe in our hands.

24/7 Protection

The Armada never sleeps, whether it is the dead of night or the middle of the day. The Armada will be ready to defend your business.

Custom Configuration

Any member of your team can be instantly notified. You decide who is aware of a threat and how they are notified.

Weekly Reporting

Weekly reporting for every client. You will always know exactly what is happening in your company and exactly how The Armada is keeping you safe.

Layered Protection

The Armada will always be watching for new threats, but it will never interrupt your workflows.

Complete Synergy

The Armada is engineered to run alongside your business, and it will seamlessly integrate with all of your devices.

Instant Notification

Attacks are detected immediately, and your team will always be instantly made aware of the situation.


Security solutions designed for the modern business.

Employee Training

Phishing Training

Phishing Training for the Modern Employee

Phishing represents 80% of attacks on small businesses

With Phishing Training, we make sure your employees recognize suspicious emails and calls, and prevent them from affecting your business completely.

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The Armada


Endpoint Protection

On average, it takes 180 days to detect a data breach. We aim to take that down to a few seconds.

Monitoring system and network events, detection of vulnerable sensitive data, a ransomware hunter, and immediate response to incoming or present threats are just a few ways Sonar will make sure you are in the know about your security.

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Data Loss Prevention

In a busy workplace, keeping track of files is difficult.

Harnessing the power of Data Loss Prevention, Dockmaster tracks all of your files to make sure you or your team don't accidentally leave sensitive data on a device for someone to steal.

We track all of your files without storing any of your information, so you can rest assured knowing that all of your valuable information is safe.

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USB Protection

Using a USB port on a computer is the easiest way for a malicious individual to get access to your computer. At the same time, you use USB ports every day to connect keyboards, mice, cameras, and USB sticks to your computer, making disabling your USB port out of the question.

With the Sentry USB Protection Suite, you will be able to stop USB threats in their tracks. Unwanted file theft, malicious USB attacks, and any other USB-based attacks are immediately detected and stopped.

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If there is a hole to punch, we'll find it.

Using the most advanced tools and techniques, our expert penetration testers will find the weak points in your business before the hackers do.

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WiFi Monitoring

See attacks coming before they even happen.

Our custom WiFi and network monitoring solution will alert you for man-in-the-middle attacks, fake WiFi networks, WiFi keyloggers, and malicious users snooping around your WiFi.

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We've got you covered

Spend less time worrying about your security and more time being productive with the peace of mind

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Background Processes

You'll never know it's there, until you need it to be.

Real Time Notifications

On average, it takes 180 days for a business to discover a breach. We aim to take that down to a few seconds.


Ready to grow your business? We are, too, and our services seamlessly scale to your needs.


Choose License Type

Providing a wide range of service plans for any size company. Regardless of your business' size or unique needs, we can help.


1 - 10 Devices
  • License for every product
  • One click install
  • Weekly report generation
  • Instant communication

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25+ Devices
  • License for every product
  • One click install
  • Weekly report generation
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Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question? We've got answers. If you have any additional questions, please contact us by email.

How is your service so cheap?

With a breakthrough in security monitoring design, we are able to use a fraction of the resources required by other providers. We pass those savings down to you.

Can I cancel my subscription?

For consumers, you can cancel at any time. For businesses, your cancellation may be subject to a custom service agreement.

I'm not getting alerts, is that good or bad?

Good! Alerts only take place when vulnerable data is found or suspicious activity is taking place. If you don't get any alerts, then you are doing great!

Do you do custom solutions?

If your business needs a customized version of our solutions, we can work with you to achieve your security goals. If you need a new product all together, we'd be happy to chat about your needs.

Can I request a refund?

In most cases, no. If our logs show our service was not functional due to an error on our side, we'd be happy to refund you the value during that time.

Can I try your service for free?

During trial runs of new software, we will select clients to be part of this pilot program. Otherwise, all operational prices are listed.

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