Next Generation Phishing Technology

Rest assured knowing that your employees are prepared.

Smart Delivery

The delivery of your emails are staggered so that all of your employees do not receive the same email at the same time.

Custom Campaigns

Customize any aspect of your campaigns. You decide who gets phished, which templates get sent and how your employees receive training

Detailed Reporting

Reports are generated periodically throughout a campaign so that you can track employee performance and adjust your training methods accordingly

Customizable templates

Use our professionally designed email templates, or create and use your own.

Instant Training

When someone is successfully phished they are instantly redirected to a Learning Moment where they can see exactly what they missed and what to look for in the future

Custom Template Injection

Inject custom fields into your templates like an employee's first name and last name to make a more realistic phishing scenario.


Security solutions designed for the modern business.

Employee Training

Phishing Training

Phishing Training for the Modern Employee

Phishing represents 80% of attacks on small businesses

With Phishing Training, we make sure your employees recognize suspicious emails and calls, and prevent them from affecting your business completely.

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Spend less time worrying about your security and more time being productive with the peace of mind

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We provide Phishing Training for any sized company. Our solutions scale to fit your company's unique needs.


Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question? We've got answers. If you have any additional questions, please contact us by email.

I don't see any updates, is that good or bad?

Updates to your dashboard occur when an employee passes or fails a phishing test. Phishing attempts are scheduled in advance so if you don't see updates in your dashboard just yet it is nothing to worry about.

How Do I create my own templates?

Once you log into your dashboard you can navigate to your company's template page. All you need to do is upload an html file that is the email you would like to send, We will handle the rest.

What happens if I no long want to train an employee?

Once you log into your dashboard you can instantly enroll or unenroll any employee you want.

How will my employees receive Training?

If an employees falls for a phishing email they will instantly be directed to a webpage that has a guided tour of the email they received. The tour goes through everything they should have noticed about the malicious email and what to look our for in the future.

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