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Phishing is the most common form of cyber attack, and today it represents over 90% of successful cyber attacks on businesses. In recent weeks the amount of successful COVID-19 phishing attacks have skyrocketed and the risk to businesses is increasing by the day. To help protect our community, businesses, and individuals, Anchor Security is offering FREE phishing training to anyone during the outbreak to help properly prepare themselves for when the real attack arrives.

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What we're offering

Targeted Phishing Training

  • We will send custom tailored COVID-19 emails that are designed to look like the real thing. As the program progresses we will also add other training emails.
  • You will recieve 2 emails a week until the program ends.
  • You can register as many people as you want, we want to help companies of any size.
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Provide a Learning moment

  • Learning moments provide instant feedback to help users learn how to spot future phishing emails better.
  • Better prepare yourself to handle real phishing attacks when they appear.
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