The Importance of Phishing Training

Phishing is the most common form of cyber attack, and today it represents about 80% of successful cyber attacks on businessness. The attacks are getting more advanced and it is getting much harder to differentiate valid requests from malicious attempts. The best way to prevent your company from being compromised is by training your staff to recognize malicious emails and then handle them properly.

Phishing Protection

Proper Prevention

Prepare your employees with training and knowledge so they can keep your business safe

Customize Campaigns

  • Upload your own email templates or use our professionaly designed templates
  • Run as many campaigns as you like, with as many email templates as you want.
  • Easily choose who is in which campaigns and what emails they receive
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Customize Reporting

  • Generate Reports on any campaign instantly
  • Receive instant feedback on your company's performance with the click of a button
  • Know which type of phishing attempt for which your company needs to prepare
  • Compare previous performance to current performance across campaigns
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Provide a Learning moment

  • Tailor Each successful phishing attempt to a specific learning moment
  • Your employee receives instant training on what they missed and what they should look for in the future
  • Better prepare your company to correctly handle phishing attempts when they apper
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