Phishing Protection

Proper Prevention

Prepare your employees with training and knowledge so they can keep your business safe

The Most Common Attack

Phishing is the most common form of cyber attack; representing 80% of successful attacks on small businessness today. It doesn't matter how good your security system is, vulnerable employees create a vulnerable company. In order to prevent successful phishing, you need to expose your employees to proper training.

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Employee Training

The only way to prevent successful phishing campaigns is to train your employees to recognize a phishing email before they are used to gain access to your systems. We offer extensive training courses for your company so that your employees can be prepared when someone attempts to phish them. Exposing them to real phishing emails and phone calls to hone their detection.

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An In Depth Report

At the end of our training we will provide a comprehensive report that details how your staff performed and what you can do to make sure they stay educated. The best way to prevent a cyber attack is to have a well trained staff.

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