Instant Detection / Swift Response


Focus on your growth, let us focus on your Security

Most cyber attacks are never even noticed, making them the largest threat to your small business. It takes a trained eye to notice the signs of an attack, and a professional to know the correct actions to take in response. With Sonar, our Host Intrusion Detection System, you will be able to spot threats from miles away. Within seconds the threat will be documented and you will be protected.

Instant Detection

When a threat is detected, both you and Anchor Security Team will receive a notification; allowing threats to qualified and neutralized in seconds.

Complete Protection

Your devices are covered 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Sonar is always watching for new threats and will catch them every time.

Customized Notification

You have full control of Sonar. You decide who gets notified and how you want to respond.

Need to secure your company today?