Finding Specific Security Threats for your Company

Our Mission

Every Business is unique. Threats come in all shapes and sizes, and could be prevented if you knew you where you were vulnerable to attack. Our full scale penetration testing will find the weaknesses in your security blanket so you can prepare for any attack; seen or unseen

Our Vision

We believe that every attack can be prevented with the right precautionary measures. Our aim is to find every hole in your defenses before a hacker finds them for you. Once we have identified the weaknesses we can tailor our products to your company to ensure you do not remain exposed.


Penetration Testing

Finding the weaknesses before hackers find them for you

Employee Training

We train your employees to notice suspicious activity, so they can better detect malicious individuals and protect your business for you.

Social Engineering

Spoofed phone calls are only the beginning. We will train your employees to recognize Social Engineering and properly prevent it.


Phishing emails are the easiest way to infiltrate a company. We can help you recognize malicious emails before they become a problem.

Tailored Reports

We will provide reports tailored to your unique needs. We will indentify your particular weaknesses and recommend the proper course of action.

Full Scale Testing and Training

We train your employees and test your defenses. No stone left unturned.

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  1. 1
    Initial Consultation

    We will clarify your unique needs and how we can pair your business with the proper products and training

  2. 2
    Penetration Test / Training

    Social Engineering, Phishing emails, Network Penetration, Remote Access, Backdoors; We try them all.

  3. 3
    Security Audit Presentation

    We wrap up the training and testing with custom reports and suggested plans of action based on everything we found.